Clarion Workshop for SpecFic Writers

This will be a short one guys (and I promise this has nothing to do with the fact that I have a bunch of class assignments staring at me, promise).


Moving right along, all of us here at AD&W are SpecFic writers and I like to think that a large portion of our readers are as well. ¬†If so, there’s an upcoming event that I think you all should be aware of and if you don’t try for it this year, at least you have the information for next year =]. ¬†It’s called Clarion. ¬†I almost didn’t do this post because I thought, Jace, c’mon. ¬†You were the only dork that had no idea what Clarion was before someone told you, everyone else is on the ball here. ¬†But then I thought, what if? ¬†What if someone’s never heard of it, like I hadn’t? ¬†And isn’t that what gets us SpecFic writers going, the big ‘What If’?

Clarion is a 6-week workshop specifically for Speculative Fiction writers!  Each week a different published author (or editor, I believe) teaches a seminar or lecture.  There are actually a few different branches of Clarion, each with a different line-up of instructors.

There’s Clarion San Diego, which, unsurprisingly, takes place in San Diego. ¬†You can read up more about it HERE. ¬†And then there’s Clarion West, which happens in Seattle, and you can read more about that¬†HERE. ¬†(Clarion South happens in Australia but have been unable to locate a suitable venue for a little while now and is indefinitely on hold.) ¬†Both events take place from June 23rd to August 2nd/3rd ¬†And the deadline to apply for both is MARCH 1ST, 2013. ¬†So read up, read the FAQ, read the application instructions and, if you’re like me, read the Scholarship information several times because it¬†does cost money but there are scholarships and financial aid that you can apply for geared specifically to help people attend these workshops. ¬†There are application fees to both (around $50) that is pretty unavoidable and, of course, nonrefundable.

I realize March 1st is in only 3 weeks so that doesn’t give your (or me) much time, but like I said, it’s information definitely worth storing for next year! ¬†I do hope at least someone found this post useful. ¬†Who knows? ¬†What if someone reads this, applies, and gets in!

There’s that ‘What If’ again. ūüėČ