We Welcome TJ as a new contributor

TJ has been a guest blogger and has come on board as a regular contributor.  She Blogs over at Writing From the Padded Room.

I have recently decided to take all those worlds and characters out of my brain and attempt to publish. Can always be found with caffeine, a dog when creating and a cat when editing, and often wearing a really pretty purple huggy jacket. I have held many jobs from shoveling water to upper management in a Fortune 500. Former correctional officer, a lot of upper education and way too many student loans, I have lived in 14 states, ventured out of the U.S. on occasion and more often than not, can be found allowing my mind to wander into places that may be best left alone.

Looking forward to more from TJ.


About SpecFic

We are a dedicated group of writers who live, breathe, and work in the speculative fiction genre. We range from newbies to seasoned pros, both published, self-published, and unpublished,(so far). Our blog will include articles on writing, personal opinions on the industry, and, of course, stories by our various posters. All related to the SF market, and its numerous sub-genres. We hope you'll make our blog a regular stop during your web browsing, and thank you for stopping by.

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