Shinny and New

guest post by T. J. Loveless

Today we have a guest: T. J. Ls oveless.  She has a lot of wit and charm and a fun member over at AQC We are glad to have her here.  She has her own blog over at Writing From the Padded Room.  She agreed to a guest post, so here is TJ

As writers, we all have a love of gadgets to some degree. Whether it’s a shiny new writing program, pretty blog pictures or *gasp* a brand new laptop/PC/tablet *insert girly – manly sqee here*. Anything to make it easier as we spin those lovely yarns into words on paper.

Some of us need music playing in the background, others require quiet. And there are gadgets for that too. Personally, I need a good mug that will keep coffee hot and my music blaring in the background.

Yet, when we actually sit to write the first rough draft, we forget the one shiny, new object which started the whole thing in the first place. Our vaunted imaginations. The very thing that forced us to sit down and create a world in which fictional characters and their lives play out.

Not everybody loves to edit and revise. In an attempt to make it easier for ourselves, we edit as we go and forget the rough draft is named “rough” for a damn good reason. It’s supposed to suck, have badly written scenes, repeated phrases and actions, often followed by flat characters and dialogue that would make Rodney Dangerfield wince.
“Danger! Danger!” *I know you did the robot arms reading this. Don’t lie.*

When the wonderful, new, shiny idea forms, the main idea is to put it on paper, or in our case, whatever writing program currently in use. Let it remain shiny, unexplored and filled with plot holes, passive writing, redundant phrases, info dumps, scenes that make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Let the shiny and new have it’s day on paper. It can be tweaked, repaired, upgraded, and winced about later.
And when you write “The End” – celebrate. However you want. Whether it is a glass of wine, some expensive chocolate, or bragging to all of your best one hundred friends on Facebook and three hundred followers on Twitter. Let your shiny and new idea have it’s day on your harddrive of choice.

Just back it up. Repeatedly. The nightmares of losing all that work is enough to make me shudder writing this.
My rather rambling point is this: revisions and edits are the spit and polish. The scrubbing, the new avenues, the tweaking, the rounding of characters, filling of plot holes, laughter at the one scene with a character in a pretzel kicking the butt of some intergalactic robot. But before that, let the Shiny and New be just that – Shiny and New. Your imagination has the right to a day of perfection.



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