What If

Riding off of a phrase E.F. Jace said last week, we are going to focus on ‘What if’

ImageOne question I see turn up in many different author interviews is. “How did you get your inspiration?”

Every story is written with two questions:

“What if…”


“What happens next?”

It’s the drive of every fiction writer, not just us Speculative Fiction.  The bonus of Speculative fiction is that our boundaries are so much wider. 

Such as:

Two people walk out of a building.  There’s your start. 

Then you ask the usual questions:

Who, What, Where, Why, When, How.

Next you work in the ‘what if?’ and the ‘what happens next?’  Adding the Spec. Fic twist:  It doesn’t have to be held down to humans, on a normal street.  It could be dragons walking out of a cathedral, headed for the spaceship to help some aliens with a wraith problem. Tehehe. And just like that, a literary fiction has been transformed into a Speculative fiction mesh.

Anytime you get stuck with an idea for a story, all you need is a what if. 


One thought on “What If

  1. Love me some “what if?” It’s the best way to move through a story…sometimes to the detriment of characters and, yes, they do yell at me for doing that to them. Or is that just me?

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