Writer’s Troubles for the Holidays

Christmas is done for another year.  Was it a pleasant one? Was it horrible? 

I would hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season, but that isn’t possible for a lot of people.  With all the pain that is out there, there is also healing.  Writing can be a great tool for such things.  Sometimes we have no way to release the anguish we feel from actions of others, or ourselves.  My suggestion is use the pain, transform it into something that will help you grow or move on. 

Write. Write about what happened, how it made you feel.  What you were thinking and doing when things turned for the worst.  Then move farther than that.  Change what happened.  Add an alien or a zombie.  Twist it and turn it till all you see left is a speculative fiction shadow of what was.  Make the people or things that hurt you into something the imagination would be in awe of, and overcome them. 

Sometimes the hurt stalls all thoughts in the mind but what has occurred.  There will be one day when it doesn’t hurt as much, it may take years or decades, but when that time comes;  maybe, just maybe those writings will help heal you.  It may let you see how you felt then, and compare how you feel in the future.  Healing takes time and never is fully finished.

And don’t worry. Not all writing was made to be published.

So as the New Year comes our way, I send my greetings and hopes for all of those braving another day.   Things will get better, I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but they will.


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