Introducing our group of contributing authors.

In no particular order, here is a brief bio and photo of each contributing author.

Michelle Hauck

Michelle Hauck lives in the bustling metropolis of Mishawaka, Indiana with her hubby, two teenagers, and two dogs to balance out the drama from the teenagers.  Besides working with special needs children by day, she writes fantasy and is currently waiting news on submissions of her second manuscript.  She passes up the darker vices in favor of chocolate and looks for any excuse to reward herself, finishing this bio being a great reason for a snack.  She blogs over at It’s In the Details

Rick Pieters

Rick Pieters is from Dayton, Ohio and blogs at Room to Wonder.

“Sometimes we write to illuminate those shadows in the dark corners of our rooms, sometimes to tease them and play with them, sometimes to revel in them. Welcome to the funhouse.”

Dawn G. Sparrow

I am a mother, workat Toys R Us, which I adore! I love children and animals and consider myself a conservationist. I am learning how to make every minute count when it comes to writing, since I have precious few of those.

I am working on a novel tentatively called THE GREEN ONES, though I am thinking about calling it GREEN ONE’S PROPHECY, we’ll see. I am also rewriting the prequel, INFECTED.

I love doing critiques, but hate doing edits, even though I am constantly doing them!

Writing is my passion and joy.

“Continuous effort—not strength or intelligence—is the key to unlocking our potential.” ~Winston Churchill

You can find me on Twitter @DawnGSparrow.  She blogs at Write Away

Peter Burton

Peter Burton is currently a self-published author living in the rural mountains of West Virginia with his wife Tammie, two dogs, and numerous cats.

Formerly a graphic artist who has worked for several companies in the t-shirt and cosmetic industry, he recently returned to his first love, writing stories.

Always a bit of an extrovert, his sidelines included being a professional wrestler on the independent circuit in Tennessee, an amateur magician who entertained for parties, and a tattoo artist.

Currently he is working hard at writing in the Speculative Fiction genre, and hopes to either have a traditional publisher, or to be able to develop and reach many readers via the self-publishing market.

Peter blogs at A Storyteller’s Musing

E.F. Jace

E.F. Jace is an aspiring writer that thinks it’s incredibly awkward to write about oneself in third person. Jace’s concept of a perfect world is where one can curl up in their pajamas with a hot cup of coffee, listen to favorite soundtracks with their two cats and just type away, stepping out into sunlight to visit family and friends when the circles under their eyes get a bit hard to ignore.

Jace’s primary interest is anything fantasy. High/Epic fantasy, dark fantasy, supernatural or modern fantasy. Favorite subgenres being horror and an element, of romance. When Jace can manage to walk away from the keyboard, it is to spend time doing some traditional painting, playing some good ol’ video games or terrorizing the cats. And every so often a trip out to Starbucks to try and look important.

Jace blogs at Verbose Veracity

Dean C. Rich

Dean C. Rich currently lives in southern Mississippi with his wife, Lynda and two of his five children.  Currently he is a General Manager of a quick service food chain.  When he can spare a moment he is works on his Epic Fantasy story.  The story is currently in major rewrite, including the title.   Once the story is put back together he will pursue publication.

Besides writing he enjoys his family, grandson, camping, outdoors, photography, and model building.  He blogs at The Write Time

E.M. LaBonte

Lives in Rhode Island.  I’m a Mom, wife and writer among other things. I love the imagination and enjoy exploring my own as I let it flow to paper. For in all the world there is much to be seen, but much more lies in the imagination.

Em blogs at The Realms of a Fantastical Mind


About SpecFic

We are a dedicated group of writers who live, breathe, and work in the speculative fiction genre. We range from newbies to seasoned pros, both published, self-published, and unpublished,(so far). Our blog will include articles on writing, personal opinions on the industry, and, of course, stories by our various posters. All related to the SF market, and its numerous sub-genres. We hope you'll make our blog a regular stop during your web browsing, and thank you for stopping by.

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